About Maja Breife

Picture of Maja BreifeMy first name “Maja” is besides a name also an old Swedish word with the meaning “to decorate”. A coincidence surely but a suitable one. I like to decorate and make things esthetically appealing.

I was born on the island of Öland and stayed there for my childhood years together with my parents and sister. After that i have been living in various places. I married a Finn and so Finland is my home for the time being.

I chose to work with art because it was what I liked to do most when growing up. And with my older sister pursuing an artistic schooling I saw the posibilites to do so myself. I work with various art forms. My art education is mainly within metal art and I consider jewellery my artistic base. But I also find it hard to resist other materials and methods.

Art is a form of expression and I like the freedom it gives. Working with art I can work with almost any theme. I grew up in the countryside with parents who each enjoy nature in their own way. Nature has been and still is the main theme in my art. It inspires me and make me curious. I want to portrait the nature and its animals in a way that shows its versatility and greatness. And I do hope that we people will continue to respect the nature and learn to live with it rather than of it.