Gallery - Once upon a ...

Aiming for Two Hares detail

Aiming for Two Hares


Bat detail

Butterfly winged

Chicken Walk

Chicken Walk detail

Ipsy Wipsy Spider

Ipsy Wipsy Spider detail


Lullaby detail

Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak detail

One Swallows Does Not Make a Summe detail

One Swallows Does Not Make a Summer

Royal Queen Moose



Squirrel detail

Squirrel green

Squirrel green detail

Summer Dress Hare

Summer Dress Hare detail

Swan Jewel

Swan Jewel detail

The Fox and the Grapes detail

Winter Dress Hare

Winter Dress Hare detail

Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep detail


Wolfwinter detail0
Gallery Description Once Upon a Time:
A jewellery serie with the startingpoint of human interpretations of animals using stories, songs and sayings. Focused on animals living up north.
Main materials are aluminum, karomail, glass beads and silkstring.